Q. What is your customer going to do with their FreeHand?
A. Reach for their wallet.

Finally someone in the concessions business realized the importance of mankind’s greatest asset………the opposable THUMB.

The brilliant new FreeHand® ThumbTray® uses a strategically placed hole in the FreeHand® ThumbTray® bottom combined with the powerful leverage of the thumb to make balancing a FreeHand® ThumbTray® loaded with food AND beverage practically effortless. At last, balancing concession purchases is a one handed job. The FreeHand® ThumbTray® allows your customer to balance more, and therefore they buy more. The FreeHand® ThumbTray® revolutionizes the on-the-go eating experience.

Plus the FreeHand® ThumbTray® has six “billboards” which exceed 100 square inches of brand building and advertising space with a captive audience staring at the FreeHand® ThumbTray® the entire time they eat. Can’t do that with a billboard on the highway! The FreeHand® ThumbTray® is fully customizable with flexible design/sizing and customized graphics for large quantities. Pricing and availability are only a phone call away.

The various models of the Freehand® ThumbTray® establishes the new standard for on-the-go eating convenience. Your customer will buy more knowing that they can balance their food and drink purchases with confidence…with ONE hand. “FreeHanding” makes a real life common-sense impact on your customer and they will reward you because they buy more.

Contact us today to purchase the FreeHand® ThumbTray® and for more information on distributors, pricing, timing, and samples.

FreeHand® ThumbTray® are 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and 100% awesome.

Multiple Patents Pending