You have questions, we have answers.

What should I say when I give a FreeHand® ThumbTray® to a customer?

We suggest you ask…are you “Righty” (right handed) or “Lefty” (left handed)?

  • If they say “Righty” instruct them to put their left thumb through the open thumb hole.
  • If they say “Lefty” instruct them to punch out the right thumb hole and insert their right thumb.

Don’t forget to ask what kind of soda or beer they want in their cup.

Do you make custom trays?


Do you make custom imprints?


Do you make a kid sized tray?

We can make any custom size.

How do I buy them?

Contact us, here.

Can I hold the FreeHand® ThumbTray® while doing a one-arm push up?

If you are that good, then yes. And please, send us a photo.

Do you prefer straight or bendy straws?

The FreeHand® ThumbTray® does not discriminate based upon straw bendiness.

Can I go all Kramer on my FreeHand® ThumbTray® and use it in the shower?

Yes, as long as it is out of the direct stream of water.

What should I do with my FreeHand?

  • Blow a kiss
  • Catch a foul ball
  • Shot put
  • Open a door
  • Finger paint with condiments
  • Wave hello
  • Update your Facebook status
  • Tweet us a photo #FreeHandTrays